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My husband and I were solicited by VIP travel over the phone for 2 free airline tickets to anywhere in the US if we attended a presentation at the Hamton Inn in Little Rock, Arkansas. We listened to the sales pitch and decided that it sounded pretty good. However, I am an attorney and my husband is a finance director who deal every day with fine print, we requested the total packet in writing including all the terms and the contract and contract. At the time, VIP travel would not provide us the information and we, of course, did not join. We sent in our paperwork for the 2 free airline tickets as promised. We did read the fine print that says this is in no way a free gift and you may have to pay a deposit and taxes.

Yesterday, we received a letter from the Gift Center which apparently administers these free gifts. The cost of the fee, deposit and taxes amounted to about $160 dollars. We further looked at the fine print and it says tickets are only available at participating airports. We then went on line to VIP travel and discovered that the Little Rock airport is NOT a participating airport. In fact, no airport in Arkansas is a participating airport.

This is misleading business practices and mispresentation in that VIP Travel solicited us for the free airline tickets knowing that Little Rock Arkansas is not a participating airport. We wasted time on a saturday afternoon to attend the sale pitch and did not receive our gift as it was promised on the telephone.

I will be writing VIP travel to rectify the situation or the Consumer Affairs office at the Arkansas Attorney General will be notified.

DO NOT do business with this company.

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Woodstock, Vermont, United States #19115

What is funny about this complaint is that I have been to the presentation and I had to sign a paper before I got my promotional gifts stating that they are in fact NOT free, but that I'm required to pay any deposits or fees associated with them. You say you are a lawyer, so I would be that you have some sort of common sense and you know that nothing in life is free anymore.

Okay, so you say it would have cost $160 to use the promotional items for the airfare, well I dont know if you have flown lately, but now a days that doesnt even cover your baggage fees. I'd pay $160 for 2 roundtrip tickets ANY DAY, even if I have to drive an hour or two to get to the closest gateway city. It's a no brainer. Everyone that goes to the presentations knows that they are going to try and be sold something.

Don't go to the presentation if you arent wanting to pay any money for anything. It's that simple.

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