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We went to a travel club presentation and was told for joining we would receive a free cruise with air fare. We bought into the travel club which was our first miskake.

WE were given the free cruise and air fare Not free I had to send in a registration fee within 21 days or else i would lose the certificates. THe fee for the cruise was 100.00 the fee for air was 75.00 I thought well not free but not a bad price. THe dates i put down was for March 2012 I received a notice from VIP Travel that the cruise was availible for the dates that i selected but they could not garrentee the free air for that time . We thought oh well we could use some of our air miles to get to the ship.

I called them to set up the trip. I was told that i needed to pay port charges , taxes , and im not sure what the other fees were But when all was said and done they wanted to charge me 1600.00 for the FREE cruise. I told them that is not free I then told them i would just send my cancellation papers in because i could have booked my own cruise cheaper then the FREE cruise I sent cancellation papers in february and just today got the refund check minus 40.00 that they say is their fee for working on my cruise and air . They never even offered me a date for the air but still charged me for doing it .

I called VIP today and told them i was not given a date for the air but she basicly said oh well that was the charge and then hung up on me.

I think they offer you a free cruise and air then when you find out the cost and turn it down they keep part of your money and that is how they stay in business off the money from your refunds. i will never be fooled by people like this again It cost us 5000.00 for the travel club and 40.00 for the free cruise and airfare which we didnt get and both was a scam

Monetary Loss: $40.

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